Intro to 3D Game Development

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Scripting Part 1: Moving Objects

Calculate the Percent Finished and Height Change

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To make the animation match the timing, we’ll calculate what percent of the way we are to the end time, and move the chest a proportional amount.

  1. Create a new variable called percentFinished in the tick function using the keyword let
let percentFinished
  1. Set percentFinished to elapsedTime divided by animationTime
let percentFinished = this.elapsedTime / this.animationTime
  1. Create another variable called heightChange and set it to percentFinished times the amountToMoveUp
    • let heightChange = percentFinished * this.amountToMoveUp
  2. Instead of incrementing the chest, we’ll set its Y to where it started plus the change
    • this.entity.worldTransform.position.y = this.startingPosition.y + heightChange
  3. Change the condition of the second if statement to check if percentFinished is less than 1 (the same thing as 100%).