Build a Multiplayer Photo Booth

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Creating a World with Friends

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Create a Game in dot big bang

Anyone can jump in to play a game on dot big bang, but if you want to create and save a game the way we will in this project, you will need your own dot big bang account. If you do not have one, you can follow this video to learn how to create one.

Once you have that, you can create a new game here. Select Empty Game for this project.

Experiment with the World Building Tools

When you first create a game, you should see a tutorial that will teach you how to add voxel objects, move them around, and change their size and rotation. Grab some objects and start experimenting! This is a great way to learn, and you don’t necessarily have to save your work if you don’t like how it turns out.

Start Building with Friends

You can work together with as many other people as you want by swapping to Multiplayer Edit Mode.

  1. Click the Invite friends button in the top right corner.
  2. Click the Copy button to copy the URL (the address) that you can send to anyone who wants to collaborate with you.
  3. Press the Go button to swap to a multiplayer version of the game editor with your game.

Once everyone has joined, you should all be able to run around and change aspects of the space together. This includes adding and removing objects, and even writing scripts!

If you created the game, you are the only one who can Save the changes. You can either click the Save button or press Ctrl + S, or you can use Save As to save a new copy of the game with the changes. This makes it easy to try things out while still keeping your original design.