Intro to 3D Game Development

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Scripting Part 1: Moving Objects

Info: World and Local Transforms

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In the first lesson, we discussed World Transforms, and how they let the game know where an object is by measuring its position, rotation, and scale, using X, Y, and Z values based on the center of the world. A Local Transform measures position, rotation, and scale based on an entity’s parent.

If an entity doesn’t have a parent, its World Transform is the same as its Local Transform. Now that the Chest-Top has a parent, though, these should be different.

  1. Select Chest-Bottom and move it around. Notice how the top moves with it.
  2. Select Chest-Top and look at the Entity panel. In the Transform section there are two tabs, Local and World.
  3. Notice that your local position is pretty small. The lid is only a few units away from the bottom. 
  4. Unless the chest is in the center of the world, the world position should be bigger (or more negative) numbers, and the lid and the bottom should have similar world positions.