Intro to 3D Game Development

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Scripting Part 3: Finishing the Game Loop

Make a Reset Function on the Chest Script

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Our next challenge is to make it possible to restart the whole game without having to press Stop and Play in Edit mode. The first step will be to make a function for the chest to reset itself.

  1. In the ChestScript, at the bottom, create a new function called reset.
  2. Put the chest well below the world so that it can’t be seen, by setting the y value of its worldTransform position to a large negative number, like -100
  3. Set the hasBeenDug variable back to false.
  4. Create a variable a reference to the chestLid from the chestLidRef variable using get.
  5. Create an if-statement that checks if the chestLid is not null
  6. Inside the if-statement, send an event to the chestLid to “startLidAnimation”, with a second input of “close” to close the lid.