Intro to 3D Game Development

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The Voxel Editor

Open Your Profile to See Your Voxel Creation

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In the next few steps, we’ll be making copies of this chest to break into multiple objects. To make sure that the original chest is saved, the best thing is to keep your profile open in a new tab.

  1. Hold Ctrl and click your name in the top right corner of the screen to open your dot big bang profile in a new tab.
  2. Scroll down to where you should see objects and the games that you have made.
  3. Click the Show Objects Only icon to filter for only voxel objects.
  4. Make sure your chest is in this list, and looks like your most recent version.

Tip: Ctrl + Click to open in new tab

Ctrl + Click will open a link a new tab. As you go forward making games in dot big bang, you will often find yourself working on the game in one tab, and creating voxel objects for it in another tab.