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Templates allow you to save a complete entity, make copies, and then apply the changes from one of the copies to all of the others. They will also let you move entities into other projects, and save entities in remixable projects to integrate somewhere else.

Advantages of templates:

  • Save an entity with a script, variable values, and any customized collision, particles, text, etc.
  • Easily add more copies of an entity to a project.
  • Update all the templated entities at the same time.
  • Use an entity from one game in a different one.
  • Spawn the entity with a script.

Featured Templates

There are a number of pre-made templates that you can drop into any project always available in the Palette menu in the bottom of the screen. You can use these to create interactions, like a trampoline, NPC’s, items that grow and shrink the player, and hats to pick up and wear.

To add a template, click the Templates tab in the bottom palette panel. In the right-side drop down, select Featured to see the featured templates made for you to use. Click and drag a template icon into the scene to add it.

You can also create your own templates from these to modify and customize them.

Creating a Template

You can create a template from an entity using the Entity Props menu. In the Entity section, click the New Template button. When the Name field pops up, give your template a name, and click Save.

Now you can find your template in the Templates section of the bottom Palette panel, and drag out new copies of the same entity.

Swapping an Entity with an Existing Template

Once you have made a template, you can swap any existing entity for that template. This could let you swap out temporary art for new models, or change which template the entity is using.

To swap to a template, select the entity (or entities through the Entity Search panel), and find the Entity section of the Entity Props panel. Click the Link to Existing Template button, and select the template you want it to become from the list.

Changing and Updating a Template

Even if an entity is made from a template, you can still change its properties like any entity. When you make changes, you will see new options available in the Entity section of the Entity Props panel.

  • If you want your changes to be applied to all the future entities you create by dragging out your template from the Templates section of the Palette panel, click Push to Template.
  • If you want to undo your changes, or you want to make an old copy match the new version, click Pull from Template.
  • If you want this entity to be always different from the other template entities or want to create a new template, click Unlink from Template.

Creating a New Template from an Old One

If you want to create a new template, or want to swap an entity from a template to a different one, you will need to Unlink it first. In the Entity section of the Entity Props panel, select Unlink from Template.

Once you have done that, you should have the same options as you would for a non-template entity, you can create a new one with the New Template button, or swap to a different existing one with the Link to Existing Template button.