Intro to 3D Game Development

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Scripting Part 3: Finishing the Game Loop

Use a For Loop to Remove Treasure from All the Dig Spots

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Next we will need to reset all of the dig spots. We can repeat code on each element of an array easily using a for… of loop. This is a shortcut version of a classic for loop that works especially well for this purpose. 

  1. In the TreasureControllerScript, find the randomizeTreasure function, and create a for loop using the keyword for, ( ) parentheses, and { } curly brackets. This should look a lot like an if-statement or a function. 
  2. Between the ( ) parentheses, create a new variable called spot with let, and use the keyword of to say that it will be each of the elements of the digSpots array.
  3. In a new line between the { } curly brackets, send the event “setHasTreasure” with the value false to the spot variable. 
  4. Finally, call the randomizeTreasure function at the end of your resetGame function.