Intro to 3D Game Development

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About this Course

Welcome to Intro to 3D Game Development

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Welcome to 3D Game Development in dot big bang! In this course, we will learn the tools and techniques you need to create all the art and program all the logic you need for a simple minigame.

What’s in the Course?

We will cover how to use the dot big bang Game Editor to create your game, as well as how to make the 3D models that can be used as props and scenery to build an experience of any theme. Finally, we’ll learn all the fundamentals of programming in TypeScript, and use this to make a simple minigame.

Who is this Course is for?

You do not need any experience in game development to do this course. We will teach the fundamentals of art and scripting without assuming any previous knowledge. However, if you have some experience on another platform or game engine, this can also be a way to see how to apply your skills to the browser-based multiplayer power of dot big bang!

Where Do I Start?

You can do all the lessons in order, but if you have already started making things in dot big bang and want to skip straight to the scripting, go directly to Lesson 3: Scripting Part 1.